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How to integrate InTrack with Slack and receive notifications within a Channel

By David Freund, InTrack Support
Updated April 23, 2020

Getting Started with integrating Slack

Connecting InTrack and Slack

Visit Slack Settings

Within your dashboard, select the option to visit Slack settings. You can access this by your user icon and selecting "Account Settings" or clicking the call-to-action shown in the above screenshot.

Connect Slack

Click the "Connect Slack" button to be redirected to Slack and choose your designated channel for notifications.

Choose your Designated Notifications Channel

Choose from your existing Slack channels to determine your designated channel for all notifications. If you can't find it in the drop-down menu, try searching for it.

After selecting the channel for InTrack to post to, the final step is to add the InTrack Slack App to your channel.

Open the Slack channel that you would like InTrack to send notifications to and select “Add an app” at the top of the page.

Select InTrack from the list of available apps and you’re done!

Confirm a Successful Connection to your Channel

Once the channel has been successfully connected, you will see an "Account Connected" success message and the title of the channel will appear within your Slack settings.

Head over to your designated Slack channel and confirm that the integration has been added to your channel.

If you're feeling ambitious, trigger a test by temporarily removing a tracking script from your website. You'll receive an error message via email and Slack that appear as the following:

As a reminder, we currently only track Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Hubspot, and Facebook Pixel. We'll continue to work on more tracking script integrations! Dont' see your favorite? Shoot us an email.

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