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How often does InTrack crawl my tracked sites?

By Pat Ahern, InTrack Support
Updated May 8, 2020

How often does InTrack crawl my tracked sites?

Getting started with InTrack

InTrack’s crawler is scheduled to crawl your sites every 60 seconds to confirm that your site is up and scripts are still firing properly.

If the InTrack crawler detects that your site is down or one of the tracking scripts isn’t firing, you’ll receive an email notification from “” similar to this:

If you integrate InTrack with Slack, your Slack channel will also receive a message similar to this:

Confirming Uptime

With tracking script issues, InTrack will continue to crawl your site every 60 seconds. You’ll receive an email notification immediately once InTrack has confirmed that your tracking script is up and running.

Website uptime notifications work differently than tracking scripts.

Top hosting providers advertise 99% uptime. However, this still leaves most websites experiencing short periods of website downtime that are fixed by the hosting provider within seconds.

As a result, we’ve programmed website downtime alerts differently. After confirming that your site is down, the InTrack crawler will continue to ping your site every 60 seconds and only notify you if your site is down for 5 crawls in a row (i.e if your website is down for 5 minutes in a row). This is done to minimize the frequency of emails that you receive to ensure that you’re only informed about legitimate downtime issues.

Once the crawler has confirmed that your website is up and running, you’ll receive an email notification similar to this:

Those who have connected InTrack to Slack will also receive a Slack message like this:

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