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How Do I Add Multiple Sites to My Account at Once?

By Pat Ahern, InTrack Support
Updated May 8, 2020

How Do I Add Multiple Sites to My Account at Once?

Getting started with InTrack

To bulk upload websites to your account for tracking script, uptime, and downtime monitoring, log into your dashboard and select the option labeled “Batch Upload.”

Select the option to download a demo .csv file.

Open the file and add in the websites that you would like to monitor in column A. Add the list of users that you would like to sign up for email notifications about each website, separated by a comma, in column B.

Save the .csv file and either drag and drop the file to the box labeled “Upload a CSV File,” or click “Upload a CSV File” and manually select your file.

After uploading your file, confirm the sites and contacts that you’d like to add to your account by selecting “Add all sites to your Dashboard.”

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