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How do I change/cancel my current plan?

By Pat Ahern, InTrack Support
Updated May 8, 2020

How to Change Your InTrack Billing Subscription

Cancel/Update your Plan

Whether looking to upgrade or downgrade your account, here’s your step-by-step walkthrough on how to change your InTrack billing subscription.

After logging into your dashboard, click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select “Account Settings.”

Select “Billing Settings” in the menu on the left side of your screen.

Select either “Upgrade Your Plan” or “Downgrade/Cancel Plan” from the billing page

Clicking either option will open an email popup with a pre-populated subject line to make it easier to change your current plan.

A simple message such as “InTrack is the thing to ever happen to the Internet. I want to upgrade my account to an Agency Plan” is all we need to hear. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get your account upgraded.

Similarly, a simple message such as “InTrack isn’t right for me. Please cancel my account” is all we need to hear to cancel your account. We’ll be a little salty about it, but we’ll get over it quickly.

To get your account upgraded/downgraded as soon as possible, please email us from the email address associated with your account so we can verify that your friend isn’t pranking you by upgrading you to an enterprise plan.

During busy times, we may take one business day to get back to you and process your account changes. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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